Beyond persona profiles

Rethinking traditional client segmentation

Together with a large international insurance company I worked on realising a different and more human centered approach to the segmentation of their clients. The idea was to challenge the traditional method of treating clients as mere numbers in large databases, and instead to define them as real people with specific needs and aspirations. That way, client segmentation could form the base for designing products that are better adapted to the lives of different people, offering better value by resolving their individual needs.

Through a short and agile design project of several weeks I immersed myself in the daily context of different people in Mexico by doing a series of contextual interviews. After a thorough analysis of the field study qualitative profiles were designed that reflect how one’s needs for protection changes throughout life, depending on the life phase and living circumstances you are in.

Dynamic persona profiles: a non-static framework that profiles people in their personal context. It is based on the life phase they find themselves in and the corresponding types of preoccupations they have.